The Practice

Running Xray At Central Orthopedic Associates, we are an orthopedic group specializing in disorders that are classified as arthritic, traumatic and degenerative. Among the most common problems we treat are those related to arthritis, sports injuries, spine injuries, fractures and sprains.

We make a special effort to discuss diagnoses and treatment plans with our patients and encourage questions and comments. We treat each patient on an individual basis.

Although our specialty is orthopedic surgery, we do not always feel that every orthopedic problem warrants surgery. Most musculoskeletal conditions have non-surgical options for treatment and our doctors will always discuss those options first. Surgery is not usually necessary!

We understand that orthopedic conditions are frequently accompanied by work, social and legal concerns. Our staff is attuned to assisting our patients in these areas. Whether it's accurately completing and filing insurance claims, preparing patients or patients' families with care giving instructions, or providing workers with adequate information for their employers, the staff at Central Orthopedic Associates is trained and ready to help you.

While our physicians are now retired from active surgical practice, they have maintained a broad range of contacts, so that when surigery is necessary, an appropriate referral can usually be made quickly.